Tiny Hearts Mini & Mini Donkey Equine Rescue was started in September 2017.

LaDaughan Jones and Jeri Brown had a vision of saving mini horses that had been abused and/or neglected.

We were very lucky to have a foundation that believed in us and donated a shelter for the rescued ponies. Starfire Designs helped us with our logo, we also have a very good friend “Earth Song Ranch” that is helping us with products for the ponies that have health issues, along with Mt. Laramie Veterinary Services. We are very fortunate and thankful to have their support.

We have rescued many ponies, but our proudest moment was when we were able to rescue a very abused pony that we named Angel. Thanks to Baker Ranch Equine Rescue, for their help with getting donations, we were able to purchase Angel. We had to lift her into the trailer for transport back to Tiny Hearts. Angel had an eye that had been poked out and hooves that had been over grown for years, and yet she still was un afraid of humans. Due to the extensive damage to her eye it had to be removed and a fantastic farrier that continues to work on her hooves is helping her back to being normal. Angel is doing well and is now the queen of the pasture.

We received 3 ponies from the Texas kill pens that were wild, scared and had been mistreated. There were serious trust issues with these ponies and with our love and patience they are now part of our family of ponies. Two of them have some health issues that we are treating, one has been adopted and the success story is on our adoption page.

This is Napoleon, he is another rescue, because of his personality we have taken him to visit the Alzheimer Senior Center and plan to do more of these service visits. They all fell in love with him. Isn’t he just the cutest pony? We intend to go through the certification necessary with him to make him a service pony soon so that we can visit other facilities.

We thought it would be cute for rescued ponies that had no names to use country western singers’ names. So, we had a Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and June and Johnny Cash. We also have Hope, Faith, and the Texas 3: Miley, Journey, and Penny.


We hope that you will follow us as we grow.