Tiny Hearts Mini Equine Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) pony and mini donkey rescue whose efforts are dedicated to rescuing, caring, nurturing and rehabilitating mini equine. Through the charitable efforts of the community and the love and dedication of two women, Tiny Hearts Mini Equine Rescue is providing help, hope and life-long loving homes to ponies and mini donkeys that have been seized, surrendered or have suffered gross abuse and neglect.

Tiny Hearts Mini Equine Rescue is made possible by the efforts and love of two al women, LaDaughan and Jeri. LaDaughan commonly known as LD was lucky enough to have horses and ponies while growing up, but like so many, had to give it up to raise a family. Throughout the years, her love of horses and ponies remained strong. Once her children got out on their own LD had the time to pursue her passion once again and acquired several ponies and two mini donkeys. As her grandchildren started to come out for visits, they, too, fell in love with her minis. LD thought it was important to teach them responsibility and the proper care of animals.   One day while visiting, one of her young granddaughters said how she wished she could save all the ponies in the world. When LD heard the musings of that young girl, she knew immediately that her life had just taken on a new direction, and that’s how Tiny Hearts Mini Equine Rescue was born.

Jeri, her neighbor, and good friend, and fellow equine enthusiast was “all in” with the idea of launching a rescue for minis. She, too, grew up with horses but left it all behind and moved to the city to raise a family. Time passed and in the year 2000, she moved back to the country and resumed her love of having and riding horses. She still enjoys back-country trail rides, but her devotion and passion now is saving surrendered and abused ponies and mini donkeys.

Contact Information:
LaDaughan Jones

PO Box 6
Aguanga, CA 92536


We are a working rescue, please either text me or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Together, LaDaughan and Jeri are making a difference in the lives of every rescued mini at Tiny Hearts Mini Equine Rescue. Any donation, however, mini, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.