Our first adoption was with Bethany Unwin, and she adopted Pudgy, (aka; Sparky) of the Jiggy & Tubby fame on Facebook. Pudgy has a great home in San Diego and is part of the Jiggy, Tubby and Pudgy team. You can follow them on Facebook.

As we told you about the Texas 3 on the home page, one of them, Miley was adopted by Christina. This mini was so scared and trusted no one; we had a hard time getting a halter on her. Within a few months Christina gained her trust and was able to saddle her and would pony her on her rides. Christina is a photographer and is the owner of Moonflower Ranch. She has Unicorn Sessions, Garden and Tea Parties for children. Miley is now a trusting mini and loves the children.

Twilight Sparkle and Pinky Pie (aka; Loretta Lynn & Tammy Wynette) are very happy with their new owners. These little girls just love their ponies. When the mini’s come from auction you never know what they have been through or where the ponies come from, which can sometimes lead to an unexpected little surprise. That was the case with Twilight Sparkle, when recently she surprised everyone by delivering the cutest baby, unbeknownst to us and everyone else that she was in foal! By the way the babies name is Rarity Joy. The adopted family is over joyed with their unplanned surprise.


We will continue to update the adoptions and find loving homes for our minis.